Month: January 2020

Bredesen Protocol Book Summary – Including Diet, Supplements, Exercise & Sleep Optimizations

Dale Bredesen’s book The End of Alzheimer’s gives us a novel approach to first understanding, and then treating Alzheimer’s. It differs from the approach typically taken by doctors and pharmaceutical companies, whereby they prescribe one or two drugs to help....

John Alexander / Updated January 8, 2021

ProLon Soup Tips – How to add some flavor and spice to the soups

Whilst the ProLon diet may be great for our health, it’s somewhat limited in its scope of taste and ingredients. But it doesn’t always have to be – in this article I will share with you some ways to ‘spice...

John Alexander / Updated May 28, 2020

NMN Brand Comparison List

This post is a companion to the David Sinclair Supplements post. The intention is to bring together (hopefully) useful information into a single page, and speed up the analysis process. The top section contains options for the USA, and further...

John Alexander / Updated August 4, 2020