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Conor McGregor Diet & Routines – 2020 Update

The Conor McGregor diet clearly yields some impressive results. In this post we’ll take a deep dive into the way Conor eats, and the coaches who have had an influence on this. Of course, its important to note up front...

/ February 8, 2020

Dana White’s Meniere’s Disease Cure – Orthokine/Regenokine

When Dana White was a 21 year old, living in Boston, he got jumped by guys from Charlestown, and got the shit beat out of him. In particular, his left ear sustained massive amounts of damage via punches, which led...

/ February 8, 2020

Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet – Box Contents Calories, Macros & Ingredients

This post is a sister post to my ProLon review (get $25 off with this coupon code). Below is a list of the products contained within the Prolon FMD diet, including their total calories, macronutrients and ingredients. Note that I’ve...

/ February 8, 2020

Prolon Diet Cost – How much does the Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD) cost?

The Prolon Diet (Fast Mimicking Diet) costs: $249 (USA) – Get a $25 off coupon code here £225 (UK) – Get a £25 off coupon code here €199 (Italy) (Shipping is included in above prices) USA & Italy can buy...

/ February 8, 2020

Bruce Ames’ Triage Theory – How we can lead longer, healthier lives by avoiding micronutrient deficiencies

What if we are consistently attributing poor health to the wrong things? Focusing too much on fats and carbohydrates, all the while, important cellular processes in our body are hampered by micronutrient deficiency. For someone who’s interested in nutrition, I’ve...

/ February 10, 2020