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Peter Attia Diet – What He Eats & Why

Before we touch on how Peter eats now, it’s worth noting he hasn’t always eaten this way. For example, for 3 years, between 2011 and 2014 Peter ate a 100% ketogenic diet. This was back before ketogenic diets really hit...

John Alexander / Updated November 23, 2021

FLH Newsletter #1 (Email Archive)

The email below went out to ~2,000 email subscribers on October 17, 2021. Email isn’t something I’ve done much of thus far, so it was an experiment. Email Subject: FLH Newsletter #1 – Lowering Your Iron Stores for Better Health...

John Alexander / Updated May 26, 2022

Using Blood Donations to Lower Iron Stores – My Experience

Earlier this year I came across P.D. Mangan’s research on iron, and how having excess can negatively affect health. If you’re not already familiar with that, he has a great book called Dumping Iron, which I’ve reviewed and summarized here....

John Alexander / Updated October 18, 2021

Andrew Huberman TRT Usage – His Dosing and Experience

Andrew explained recently on the Power Project podcast hat he had never touched exogenous testosterone until this year (2021) at age 45. However, as part of research for a book he’s writing on hormone optimization, he wanted to experiment and...

John Alexander / Updated October 4, 2021

Andrew Huberman Supplements – Full List – Deep Dive Into What & Why

Below we’ll look at the supplements Andrew Huberman uses and discusses, related to: Improving sleep quality Boosting testosterone Improving cognitive performance Mitigating stress It’s important to note that Andrew is not an MD, and does not give medical recommendations. He...

John Alexander / Updated June 21, 2022

Dumping Iron Review & Book Summary

In this post I’ll be reviewing the book Dumping Iron by P.D. Mangan. It looks at the under discussed issue of excess iron, and how many people can dramatically improve their health by lowering their iron levels. ^ P.D. Mangan...

John Alexander / Updated March 26, 2022

Rhonda Patrick – Broccoli Sprouts, Sulforaphane & Moringa

In this post we’ll run through: What sulforaphane is, and why it’s of interest How Rhonda sprouts broccoli seeds for their sulforaphane content The sulforaphane supplements Rhonda takes Moringa, and why she’s started taking it The What & Why of...

John Alexander / Updated December 26, 2021

Joe Rogan Supps Change Log

This post covers the changes I’ve made to the Joe Rogan Supplements article over time. Feb 26, 2022 – Updated: Belatedly, added an update about Joe Rogan moving to Alpha Brain Black Label for his nootropics. Jan 14, 2021 –...

John Alexander / Updated May 26, 2022

7 Tips To Help You Get Through a Multi-Day Fast

In this post I draw upon my own personal experience of fasting to share with you 7 tips to help you get through multi-day fasts. Let’s begin👇 1) Start Small and Build Gradually The longest I’ve fasted so far is...

John Alexander / Updated January 29, 2022

Rhonda Patrick – Children’s Supplements She Gives Her Child

In Rhonda’s April 2020 Q&A sessions for crowd sponsors she discussed the supplements she gives to her 2.5 year old boy (if you’re a crowd sponsor, jump to 1h 15mins of that video). The supplements she opted for are chew-able,...

John Alexander / Updated December 20, 2021