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Dumping Iron Review & Book Summary

In this post I’ll be reviewing the book Dumping Iron by P.D. Mangan. It looks at the under discussed issue of excess iron, and how many people can dramatically improve their health by lowering their iron levels. ^ P.D. Mangan...

John Alexander / Updated August 19, 2022

Obesity Code Meal Plan – Printable PDF

In Jason Fung’s book “The Obesity Code”, he outines two example methods of fasting; 24 hour & 36 hour fasts. Below are printable sample meal plans for those time periods. Each version has pre-progammed example meals + empty versions that...

John Alexander / Updated January 8, 2021

Obesity Code Diet Plan – What to Eat, What to Avoid + Sample 7-Day Diet – Jason Fung

The Obesity Code aims to clear up myths on weight loss, and provide a simple formula for long term success. Below I’ll discuss aspects from the book, including an example diet plan at the bottom. Since writing The Obesity Code...

John Alexander / Updated September 27, 2022