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ProLon Review – My 5-Day Fasting Experience – Pros & Cons

I first came across the man behind the ProLon 5-day fast; Valter Longo – via one of Rhonda Patrick’s podcasts. He talked about many of the potential health benefits their fast can bring, including: Decrease in visceral fat (the “bad”...

/ April 11, 2019

Valter Longo – The Longevity Diet – Summary & Discussion

Whilst Valter Longo is perhaps currently best known for his work on the Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet, he recently came out with a book; The Longevity Diet. Detailing the way he suggests approaching food (when we’re not fasting!). In creating...

/ July 25, 2018

Prolon Diet Cost – How much does the Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD) cost?

The Prolon Diet (Fast Mimicking Diet) costs: $249 (USA) – Get a $25 off coupon code here £225 (UK) €199 (Italy) (Shipping is included in above prices) USA & Italy can buy direct from & Brits from The...

/ February 2, 2018