I recently got the Xiantao Zhong Yi N95 Respirator from N95 Mask Co, and wanted to write up my thoughts on it.

I ordered both N95 types they stock, including the Respokare style, which I’ve reviewed separately here.

The Xiantao respirator was of interest because it’s N95 rated on the NIOSH approved manufacturer list here. It’s also similar, on first appearance to 3M’s popular 8210 respirator.

3M 8210 left, Xiantao Zhong Yi right


Respokare N95s on the left, cup style N95s (Xiantao Zhong Yi) on the right

They arrived to me via UPS Express and took approximately 5 working days to arrive. Although I can’t comment if that lead time is typical for everyone.

Face Fit

Weight: The respirator is light weight and doesn’t feel heavy on.

Air Tight Seal: Due to the rigid nature of cup design, I ran into an issue getting an air tight seal. I’ve used 2 cup style respirators before, however they’ve had slight differences that led them to fit better.

I’ve used a 3M valved respirator (like this) which uses a softer material for the cup part, and the softer material seems to fit the contours of the face better.

Then with a GVS respirator, they tackle the issue by using a softer material (like 3M) and then additionally adding a felt inner.

GVS (left) uses felt inner to help seal. 3M (right) is made of a softer material than moulds more to the face

Smell: Unlike with the Respokare model, there’s no strong post manufacturing smell.

Elastic Straps – The elastics are strong and look like they’ll last a good amount of time. They fit my head well, but for smaller heads, it’s not impossible they might be a bit loose. Some respirators have adjustable straps, but these are “one-size fits all”. Of course, often one size does not fit all. One workaround could be to staple a small section of the elastic to shorten it, like below. It’s not an irreversible change, so if it didn’t work, you can just pick the staple out.

On the flip side, whilst I have a reasonably big head (22.5 inch / 57cm) – it’s not the biggest. If you had a much larger head it’s possible the straps would be too small. If that’s the case, you’d be better off going for a respirator with adjustable length straps.


This looks like your typical N95 respirator, and won’t win any awards in the aesthetics department. That said, one nice aspect is the all-white design.


Prior to testing this and the Respokare unit, I’d have assumed that this “traditional” cup style respirator would be superior. However, since testing and finding it harder to get a good facial seal with this one, I’d personally lean towards buying the Respokare model, if it was a choice between the two.

I’ve summarized the pros and cons below.

Pros Cons

✅ On NIOSH’s approved N95 respirator list

✅ Lightweight, doesn’t weigh on your face

✅ All white design is non-offensive

✅ Strong elastics that should last a while

❌ Harder than it should be to create a strong facial seal (from my experience), not helped by the rigid material used.

❌ The elastic straps are not (easily) adjustable – which may be an issue for people with large or small heads.

If you have any further questions, please leave them below in the comments.

John Alexander

Posted by John Alexander

Note: Not a Medical Doctor or PhD. I'm a researcher and writer, with a focus on the subjects of health and longevity. My intent is to write about scientific research in an accessible, understandable way. If you believe something I've stated needs a reference, and I haven't done so, please let me know in the comments. Follow on: Twitter

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