Dr Rhonda Patrick – Nicotinamide Riboside Supplementation to Combat Mitochondrial Aging

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) is a recently discovered form of vitamin B3 that can increase levels of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+). NAD+ is a key co-enzyme used by the mitochondria in every cell of our bodies. With natural ageing or disease...

/ February 16, 2018

Fast Mimicking Diet – Macros & Calories Breakdown

(This post is part of a longer post about Valter Longo’s fast mimicking diet) Below is a list of tables that contain the macros and calorie breakdowns for each day of the fast mimicking diet:

/ February 12, 2018

Valter Longo Diet Plan – Fasting Mimicking Diet & Longevity Diet Details

Valter Longo is perhaps most well known for his work on fasting. Specifically his 5 day fast mimicking diet. However, he doesn’t expect you to fast all year round! To provide a solution whilst you’re not fasting, Valter has created...

/ February 3, 2018

The Obesity Code Diet Plan – What to Eat, What to Avoid + Sample 7-Day Diet – Jason Fung

Jason Fung’s – The Obesity Code aims to clear up myths on weight loss, and provide a simple formula for long term success. Below I’ll discuss aspects from the book, including an example diet plan at the bottom. Hormonal Roots of...

/ January 31, 2018

How the Dutch used the credit system to expand across the world – excerpt from Sapiens

Yuval Noah Horari uses his knowledge of history to explain how and why humanity has got to where it is. Sapiens is a book I’ll need to read over multiple times to really capture all its value. The below is...

/ January 30, 2018

Dr Rhonda Patrick’s Supplements List – Vitamins, Minerals, Fish Oils, Nootropics & More

Lets begin with a high level overview of Dr Rhonda Patrick’s supplement list. This list is up to date as of January 2018, and uses the latest information from Rhonda’s podcasts, videos and exclusive Patreon subscriber content. Dr Rhonda Patrick’s...

/ January 27, 2018

Dr Rhonda Patrick PQQ Brand Choice (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone)

Lets dig into what PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) is and why we might want to supplement it. But first, if you’ve arrived here to learn more about how Dr Rhonda Patrick is supplementing PQQ, lets address that: Dr Rhonda Patrick has...

/ October 25, 2017

Dr Rhonda Patrick – Krill Oil Brand Choice

Dr Rhonda Patrick recommends the below for omega-3s in phospholipid form: Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Phospholipids She previously used: NOW Neptune Krill Oil 1000 You can see the timeline of her krill oil choices via Twitter. Back in 2015 she was...

/ October 14, 2017

Essential Micronutrients – How we can lead longer, healthier lives by avoiding micronutrient deficiencies

What if we are consistently attributing poor health to the wrong things? Focusing too much on fats and carbohydrates, all the while, important cellular processes in our body are hampered by micronutrient deficiency. For someone who’s interested in nutrition, I’ve...

/ September 3, 2017