Dr David Sinclair

Dr Rhonda Patrick

Dr Andrew Huberman

Dr Peter Attia

Joe Rogan

Tim Ferriss

Dr Valter Longo

Dale Bredesen




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Chelsea O
Chelsea O
9 months ago

Deep bow for the work you put into this. It’s a gold mine of the geeky information many of us hear and wish we had a way to scribble down notes fast enough to organize later.

I hope you feel as much fulfillment in putting this out to the world as I do being able to appreciate it.

Tom Whalen
Tom Whalen
1 year ago

Your website is simply awesome! Thank you for all of the work you have put in. You have cogently laid out all of the detective work, reading between the lines of podcasts, etc. that takes months. Thank you!

John Clayton
John Clayton
Reply to  John Alexander
10 months ago

I agree, just stumbled across your site while looking for Rhonda Patrick’s training. Such a clear breakdown, especially considering the amount of detail. Much appreciated John!