In this post we’ll be looking at an October 2021 analysis done by Chromadex, which found 14 of the 22 NMN products they analyzed had less than 1% NMN!

  • Chromadex are the company behind Niagen, a leading Nicotinamide Riboside supplement.
  • They chose the 22 products by looking at the top sellers on
  • The way they measured the purity was via High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

The table below shows their results:

Product Name Product Label Claim (mg NMN/serving) Result (mg NMN/serving)
DoubleWood NMN 250 243
Infinite Age NMN 250 252
ProHealth Longevity NMN Pro 300 300 301
maac10 NMN 250 mg 250 260
Jarrow Formulas NMN 125 122
GeneX Formulations NMN 500 456
ForestLeaf NMN 250 219
Toniiq NMN 300 289
monoHerb NMN 250 <1% (Less than 1%)
EliteHealth NMN* 500 <1%
Energecko NMN* 500 <1%
LIVEMAX NMN* 500 <1%
NMN MAX NMN* 500 <1%
NMN PLUS NMN* 500 <1%
NMN STAR NMN* 500 <1%
Starhonor NMN* 500 <1%
Vitablossom NMN Refresh* 500 <1%
Vitamin Shower NMN* 500 <1%
ChriBubble NMN* 500 0%
Komprocha NMN & Resveratrol 500 0%
Paragon Health NMN 500 0%

The first 8 entries contained a similar amount of NMN as they advertise.

However, the next 14 entries below had less than 1% NMN. “Less than 1%” can also be written shorthand as <1%.

In the analysis Chromadex point out that the same distributor was listed on 10 of the products (those asterisked * in the above table).

They all contained <1% NMN, and they all showed a prominent, unknown peak on the HPLC analysis. Suggesting they all contained an extra, unknown substance.

This substance may be benign, or it may be something undesirable. The study didn’t analyze further to find out what it is.

The distributor’s name for those 10 products is SerumLab S&C International LLC.

Perhaps of note, is that when you look at the seller details for these products, they all appear to be Chinese sellers with their registered address in China.

To see this, visit on a web browser, and go to one of the asterisked products above. Then find where it says “Ships from Amazon, Sold by:” and then click on the name of the company it’s sold by. For example:

Then, clicking on USMAXNMN you’ll see:


This study highlights the need for careful due diligence when purchasing an NMN product.

The results suggest that there are a number of people out there, taking what they believe to be NMN, but it’s actually something else.

I’m not sure what we can do to solve that, but at least having the awareness this study provides should help move things forward.

Lastly, thanks to Chromadex for the research.

If you’ve any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Posted by John Alexander

Hi, I'm John, a researcher and writer.

With a keen interest in health and longevity.

Note: not an MD or PhD.

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23 days ago

Very helpful, thank you so much for posting this!

Mike Hawkberns
Mike Hawkberns
2 months ago

Super helpful as always! Thank you so much for putting in all the time and effort and sharing the results with us to make it SO much easier to educate ourselves and make better informed decisions.

3 months ago

Thank you!!

3 months ago

Great job!!

3 months ago

Hi–any thoughts about Alive By Science? I’ve read good things about them and the price is more reasonable than some other brands. But don’t appear on this list.

Thanks for all your work on this, so helpful. Can I ask about your background? (Not concerned, I can see you’re careful not to claim any unique knowledge…just curious.)

3 months ago

Thanks so much for this..
It turns out i’ve been taken one of those fake brands for the past two months, no wonder i’ve experienced zero improvements from taking nmn.
It’s really concerning too that these fake products contain unknown chemicals. I immediately throw out my remaining supply and will only order from your trusted brands going forward.

4 months ago

Amazing job,,bravo John