A core pillar of David Sinclair’s supplement stack is his daily 1 gram of resveratrol.

In our big post covering all David’s supplements, we note he preferences micronized, 98%+ purity – so we’ve linked to some sources below:

  Approx. price per gram 3rd Party Analysis Certificate?
ProHealth - Micronized Resveratrol - 30 grams $1.16 per gram ($35 / 30g) Yes (link) - via Summit Nutritional - July 2021
Mega Resveratrol - 60 grams $1.28 per gram ($77 / 60g) Yes (link) - via Micro Quality Labs - Dec 2021
ProHealth - Micronized Resveratrol - 100 grams $0.84 per gram ($85 / 100g) Yes (link) - via Summit Nutritional - Aug 2021
Mega Resveratrol - 500mg capsules x120 $1.40 per gram ($84 / 60g) Yes (link) - via Micro Quality Labs - Dec 2021
RevGenetics - 500mg capsules x30 $2.13 per gram ($32 / 15g) or $1.06 per gram when buying 4 bottles Yes (link) - via MS Bioanalytical - Jan 2021

We can see from a post David made on Reddit (link) that he preferences micronized Resveratrol, quote “Micronized resveratrol had better bioavailabilty in humans”:

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