Rhonda currently takes an omega-3 supplement called Norwegian PURE-3, which is touted as being both extremely high quality, and having very low levels of total oxidation (TOTOX). Rhonda was previously taking the high DHA version during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding her son – with the intention that the DHA was important for her child’s developmental process. Since then Rhonda alternates between the high DHA and high EPA version.

On top of her fish oil supplementation she often eats wild salmon roe caviar (from Vital Choice) for its omega-3 phospholipid concentration. More on this further down the page.

Norwegian PURE-3 is currently only available direct from the manufacturer, who offer international shipping from their base in Norway. However, Rhonda suggests they should be on Amazon.com in the future.

Dosage: 6 capsules/daily of Norwegian Pure-3 DHA

Prior to this product, Rhonda was taking fish oil from Nordic Naturals called ProOmega 2000. Nordic Naturals make NSF certified omega-3s, and are somewhat easier to get ahold of on retail channels like Amazon.com. Her dosage in 2017 was 4 capsules per day (source: Tim Ferriss interview transcript).

See her 2017 tweet below where she mentions Nordic Naturals ProOmega 2000 – tweet link here:

Omega-3 Phospholipids

Rhonda currently gets her omega-3 phospholipids via wild salmon roe caviar, rather than using supplements. She bulk buys her caviar from Vital Choice, who offer it in 2.2lbs packages that can be frozen, and then defrosted one quarter at a time. Consuming this in addition to her regular omega-3 supplementation.

Prior to this Rhonda was supplementing Omega-3 phospholipids via Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Phospholipids.

Side note – I’ve taken Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Phospholipids as part of my supplement stack, and its worth noting, they’re really “strong” tasting – stronger than regular fish oil. You definitely want to throw them down ahead of a substantial meal, don’t try them on an empty stomach!

Dosage: 4 capsules/daily of Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Phospholipids

Prior to the Nordic Naturals, Rhonda was taking her omega-3 phospholipids via NOW Neptune Krill Oil 1000. However she no longer believes Krill Oil to be an optimal source of omega-3 phospholipids – given the small amounts of EPA & DHA per serving when compared with other sources.

For more information on all of Dr Rhonda Patrick’s supplements, see this post.

Omega-3 Phospholipids & Alzheimer’s Prevention in APOE4 Carriers

In October 2018, Rhonda published an open access paper on a possible mechanism for getting DHA into the brain, as other methods become less efficient. This is of particular interest to those with the APOE4 polymorphism – who become more predisposed to Alzheimer’s due to impaired DHA transport.

To figure out if this is relevant to you or your family; you’d first need to check if you carry the APOE4 allele – it’s estimated that something like 25% of the population do. You can check this by getting a 23andMe test (their cheaper ancestry test is sufficient)- and then exporting the raw data they provide into Rhonda’s genetic report.

One APOE4 allele increases Alzheimer’s disease risk 2-3x, two APOE4 alleles inrease risk up to 15x. However, whilst having APOE4 allele’s is not a guarantee of alzheimer’s disease, it does increase the risk in later life.

Rhonda’s paper proposes that consuming DHA in phospholipid form gets around impaired DHA transport. The reason for this is that phospholipid DHA gets converted to DHA-lysoPC, by a specialized transporter called MFSD2A. This transport system appears to continue to work even when regular DHA transport is impaired.

Once the brain is then getting DHA again (in the DHA-lysoPC form), this may reduce Alzheimer’s disease risk.

According to Rhonda, omega-3 phospholipids are found in fish, and in greatest concentration in fish roe (fish eggs).

Rhonda displaying her freshly published paper on mitigating APOE4 induced Alzheimer’s disease risk.

Omega-3 Benefits

Omega-3 oils, EPA & DHA, are essential fatty acids. Specifically, they are incorporated into cell membranes all over the body, but are particularly concentrated in the brain and eyes (retina). They are also vital to processes that mediate lipids, which can be beneficial in the prevention of several diseases. And are essential for proper fetal development and heathy ageing. Read more on their role here.


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  1. Avatar
    Cameron Stratton May 14, 2019 at 4:22 am

    Is she taking all of these at once? Also, how much of the roe in mgs or ounces is recommended. Thanks


    1. Alex

      Hi Cameron. When you say all of these – no, not all the products listed above simultaniously. She currently takes Norwegian Pure-3 for fish oils, and consumes the salmon roe as a concentrated source of Omega-3 phospholipids. I listed the other fish oils as previous examples of what she had taken. And as possible alternatives to Norwegian Pure-3 which doesn’t yet ship from the USA (although hopefully that will change).

      In terms of quantities of salmon roe, I’ve never heard Rhonda talk about specifics. But from her pictures it appears to be up to 1 tablespoon per serving.


  2. Avatar

    The OMEGA-3 Pure -3 Norwegian capsules say that they’re in TG form. I thought you guys were recommending the phospholipid form?


    1. Alex

      Rhonda uses both “regular” fish oil in triglyceride form (where she specifically uses N-Pure3 brand currently) and phospholipid omega-3s, which she primarily gets from fish roe. The latter (phospholipid form omega-3) is particularly beneficial to those with APOE4 mutations, because it’s absorbtion in the brain isn’t hindered by the effect of the particular DNA mutation.


  3. Avatar

    Trying to find source to purchase supplies of OMEGA-3 Pure -3 Norwegian capsules. in US. Can you direct me please?


    1. Alex

      Hi Robin. Currently (as far as I know) Npure3 only ship directly from their base in Norway. They don’t have a USA based retailer that I’m aware of – meaning shipping takes a bit longer (and costs more) than it would normally. I emailed them a while back asking when they would sell on Amazon, and was told it’s in the works, but seems to be taking a while.


  4. Avatar

    Your site is a great resource, Alex. Where did Rhonda say she takes Norwegian pure 3 DHA in the pink packaging? I listened to her Crowdcast but she just mentioned Norwegian Pure 3.


    1. Alex

      Hi Nadia, thanks for the message. Good question. Here’s a link to the section of Rhonda’s crowdcast where she discusses this… hope that helps.
      Listen out for her mentioning “high DHA”.


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