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Pure Encapsulations ONE Ingredients (USA vs UK)

Slightly confusingly, Pure Encapsulations formulate their ONE multivitamin differently in the USA than in the UK.

In case it’s of use to others, the below is a breakdown of the differences:

USA VersionUK VersionNIH RDA for Adults (19-50)
 Amount per serving (1 pill)Amount per serving (1 pill)
Vitamin A1, 125 mcg800 mcg900 / 700 mcg RAE
Vitamin B13 mg3 mg1.2 / 1.1 mg
Vitamin B23 mg3.4 mg1.3 / 1.1 mg
Vitamin B320 mg20 mg16 / 14 mg
Vitamin B510 mg10 mg5 / 5 mg
Vitamin B64 mg5 mg1.3 / 1.3 mg
Vitamin B12500 mcg500 mcg2.4 / 2.4 mcg
Vitamin C180 mg180 mg90 / 75 mg
Vitamin D32,000 IU (50 mcg)2,000 IU (50 mcg)15 / 15 mcg
Vitamin E20 mg20 mg15 / 15 mg
Vitamin K1None65 mcg120 / 90 mcg
Vitamin K2None10 mcg (MK-7)K1 & K2 above
Folate667 mcg400 mcg400 / 400 mcg
Zinc25 mg25 mg11 / 8 mg
MagnesiumNoneNone420 / 320 mg
Selenium70 mcg55 mcg55 / 55 mcg
Manganese2 mg2 mg2.3 / 1.8 mg
Molybdenum75 mcg75 mcg45 / 45 mcg
Chromium200 mcg200 mcg35 / 25 mcg
CopperNoneNone900 / 900 mcg
Iodine150 mcg150 mcg150 / 150 mcg
Biotin300 mcg300 mcg30 / 30 mcg
CalciumNoneNone1000 / 1000 mg
Choline10 mg25 mg550 / 425 mg
Boron1 mgNoneNo RDA
Lutein3 mg3 mgNo RDA
Coenzyme Q1050 mg50 mgNo RDA
Alpha Lipoic Acid50 mg50 mgNo RDA
Inositol25 mg25 mgNo RDA
Zeaxanthin500 mcg500 mcgNo RDA
Lycopene500 mcg500 mcgNo RDA

The key differences include:

  • The UK version includes K1 & K2, whereas the US version does not.
  • The US version contains 1mg Boron, whereas the UK version does not.
  • The US version contains 10 mg choline, whereas the UK version contains 25 mg choline.
  • The US version contains more vitamin A and folate than the UK version.
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