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PD Mangan – TRT & What he thinks of it

P.D. Mangan, a health influencer on Twitter with almost 200,000 followers, looks in pretty good shape at 67 years of age.

However, given the popularity of hormone therapies these days, such as TRT and HGH, it’s not unnatural to ask if he’s on TRT himself…

Is he on TRT?

According to Mangan the answer is no.

He writes on Twitter:

^ 2017 Tweet source

^ 2018 Tweet source

^ 2021 Tweet source

The testosterone blood test results he shared in 2021, suggested that his total testosterone is around 500 ng/dL

And then, as he mentioned in this tweet, his free testosterone levels are 20.7 pg/mL. The range for those over 59 years of age (which he is) is 6.6−18.1, so 20.7 that puts him at the upper end (see Labcorp reference ranges).

What does he think of TRT?

Whilst Mangan doesn’t use TRT, he isn’t against it for those who need it:

^ Image source

He says he would prioritize his body composition first, then once that was in order, check to see if he still needed TRT:

^ Image source

Improving one’s body composition means losing fat and building muscle. High body fat can result in more bioavailable estrogen1Effects of Modest Weight Gain on Estrogens in Healthy Men | Singh et al. | 2016 | The FASEB Journal , and lower testosterone2Association of Bioavailable, Free, and Total Testosterone With Insulin Resistance: Influence of sex hormone-binding globulin and body fat | Tsai et al. | 2004 | Diabetes Care.

For example, see this scatter plot showing how free (bioavailable) testosterone rises as insulin resistance decreases (source):

What does he think of HGH?

Whilst Mangan might consider TRT if he needed it, he’s less keen about taxing exogenous human growth hormone (HGH).

The practice has become popular among bodybuilders and Hollywood stars to improve their perceived quality of life. Often helping them to recover quicker from workouts, for example.

However, Mangan notes that whilst they may do this, they may also decrease longevity:

^ Image source

^ Image source

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