This post covers the changes I’ve made to the Peter Attia Supplements, Diet & Exercise article over time.

August 27, 2020 – Updated:

  • Added notes on what supplements Peter takes, and what supplements he stops, when fasting.
  • Added recently mentioned specifics on Peter’s rapamycin usage (dose/frequency)

July 24, 2020 – Updated:

  • Updated Peter’s fasting schedule to include details about his 3-day water only fast once per month

July 24, 2020 & Prior

  • Updates were being made, but I wasn’t yet logging them here.

Posted by John Alexander

Note: Not a Medical Doctor or PhD. I'm a researcher and writer, with a focus on the subjects of health and longevity. My intent is to write about scientific research in an accessible, understandable way. If you believe something I've stated needs a reference, and I haven't done so, please let me know in the comments.

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