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Andrew Huberman Diet and Routine – What He Eats & Why

Andrew Huberman is a Stanford Professor of Neurobiology and a popular figure in the world of health and longevity. In this article, we’ll dive into the details behind his diet and routine. Beginning with a summary of his key routines:...

John Alexander / Updated August 8, 2022

Rhonda Patrick Covid Supplement Regimen (2020)

With the fear and panic of Covid fortunately behind us, I wanted to create an archive of the supplement regimen Rhonda used during Covid. (For Rhonda’s current supplement regimen, see this post) Back in Rhonda’s March 2020 Q&A she had...

John Alexander / Updated August 8, 2022

Andrew Huberman Sleep Supplements List

Andrew mentions 2 different combinations of sleep supplements; combo #1: Magnesium L-Threonate – 140mg Theanine – 100-300mg Apigenin – 50mg All taken together around 1 hour before bed. Occasionally he uses combo #2 when having difficulty sleeping: GABA – 100mg...

John Alexander / Updated July 26, 2022

House Building Analogy of Essential Micronutrients

To start from the basics: Our human bodies are made up of lots of cells – eye cells, skin cells, bone cells, etc. These cells require nutrients, sourced from the diet, to carry out their daily functions, to grow and...

John Alexander / Updated June 13, 2022

Supplements I Take Daily

I’ve written a lot about supplements on the blog. This is a quick post to share which supplements I’ve ended up taking on a daily basis. It’s worth noting that I don’t hold myself up as a picture of amazing...

John Alexander / Updated August 3, 2022

LJ100 vs Tongkat Ali – Details Explained

LJ100 is an extracted form of Tongkat Ali that is stronger when compared like for like. The main bioactive ingredient within Tongkat Ali are peptides called Eurypeptides. For LJ100 they have standardized their process such that it is 22% Eurypeptides....

John Alexander / Updated May 12, 2022

Rhonda Patrick’s Skincare Products & Skincare Supplements

This post on Rhonda Patrick’s skincare products covers the following: The topical serum Rhonda likes and has used since 2012 – packed with hyaluronic acid, willow bark extract, aloe vera + other good stuff. How and why Rhonda supplements hydrolyzed...

John Alexander / Updated June 10, 2022

David Sinclair Resveratrol – Where to buy? (USA)

A core pillar of David Sinclair’s supplement stack is his daily 1 gram of resveratrol. In our big post covering all David’s supplements, we note he preferences micronized, 98%+ purity – so we’ve linked to some sources below: We can...

John Alexander / Updated May 5, 2022

Heavy Metal Blood Testing in the UK – My Experience

This post covers: Basic intro to how damaging toxic levels of heavy metals can be for the human body The two heavy metal tests I took to ascertain my heavy metal levels (urine + blood tests) Why, in hindsight, I...

John Alexander / Updated March 26, 2022

Analysis of 22 NMN Products Finds 14 Contain <1% NMN - Discussion

In this post we’ll be looking at an October 2021 analysis done by Chromadex, which found 14 of the 22 NMN products they analyzed had less than 1% NMN! Chromadex are the company behind Niagen, a leading Nicotinamide Riboside supplement....

John Alexander / Updated January 29, 2022