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LJ100 vs Tongkat Ali – Details Explained

LJ100 is an extracted form of Tongkat Ali that is stronger when compared like for like. The main bioactive ingredient within Tongkat Ali are peptides called Eurypeptides. For LJ100 they have standardized their process such that it is 22% Eurypeptides....

John Alexander / Updated May 12, 2022

Rhonda Patrick’s Skincare Products & Supplements

This post on Rhonda Patrick’s skincare products covers the following: The topical serum Rhonda likes and has used since 2012 – packed with hyaluronic acid, willow bark extract, aloe vera + other good stuff. How and why Rhonda supplements hydrolyzed...

John Alexander / Updated May 8, 2022

David Sinclair Resveratrol – Where to buy? (USA)

A core pillar of David Sinclair’s supplement stack is his daily 1 gram of resveratrol. In our big post covering all David’s supplements, we note he preferences micronized, 98%+ purity – so we’ve linked to some sources below: We can...

John Alexander / Updated May 5, 2022

Heavy Metal Blood Testing in the UK – My Experience

This post covers: Basic intro to how damaging toxic levels of heavy metals can be for the human body The two heavy metal tests I took to ascertain my heavy metal levels (urine + blood tests) Why, in hindsight, I...

John Alexander / Updated March 26, 2022

Analysis of 22 NMN Products Finds 14 Contain <1% NMN - Discussion

In this post we’ll be looking at an October 2021 analysis done by Chromadex, which found 14 of the 22 NMN products they analyzed had less than 1% NMN! Chromadex are the company behind Niagen, a leading Nicotinamide Riboside supplement....

John Alexander / Updated January 29, 2022

Rhonda Patrick Discussing Various Subjects

In previous posts on Dr Rhonda Patrick I’ve been able to cover what supplements she takes, the diet she eats, exercise she does + more. However, sometimes there’s a topic that doesn’t neatly into one of these posts. That’s where...

John Alexander / Updated December 27, 2021

Fish Oil / Omega-3 Analysis Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet below provides an analysis of Omega-3 supplements with low levels of total oxidation and heavy metals – based on the IFOS batch testing.  To view the spreadsheet full screen, use this link. Let me know if you’ve...

John Alexander / Updated January 6, 2022

Peter Attia Exercise Routines – How He Trains & Why

Peter is a former time-trial cyclist and endurance swimmer. For example, he’s one of small group to have swum the Catalina Channel in both directions (separate swims). That’s in the range of a 10-hour swim, if you’re really giving it...

John Alexander / Updated November 23, 2021

Peter Attia Diet – What He Eats & Why

Before we touch on how Peter eats now, it’s worth noting he hasn’t always eaten this way. For example, for 3 years, between 2011 and 2014 Peter ate a 100% ketogenic diet. This was back before ketogenic diets really hit...

John Alexander / Updated November 23, 2021

FLH Newsletter #1 (Email Archive)

The email below went out to ~2,000 email subscribers on October 17, 2021. Email isn’t something I’ve done much of thus far, so it was an experiment. Email Subject: FLH Newsletter #1 – Lowering Your Iron Stores for Better Health...

John Alexander / Updated December 28, 2021