In Rhonda’s April Q&A sessions for crowd sponsors she discussed the supplements she gives to her toddler (if you’re a crowd sponsor, jump to 1h 15mins of that video).

The supplements she opted for are chew-able, and (of course) Rhonda waited until her child was comfortable chewing things before introducing them. Note that each child will reach this stage at different ages.

Rhonda tries to get all the micronutrients she needs from her diet, leaving supplements to fill in any missed gaps. She applies this same principle with her child too. For example, the below images shows a meal she gave her son of egg, blueberries and kale (source).

Supplements she gives her toddler:


Rhonda notes that it’s hard to find gummies with zero sugar, but the Pure Encapsulations PureNutrients product she chose primarily uses xylitol, and then there’s a little bit of juice which equates to 2g of sugar per serving. The full list of vitamins it contains can be found here (toggle the ingredients tab half way down the page).

This product helps take care of bulk of micronutrients her son might need.

It’s worth noting that the supplement suggests 2 gummies for 2-3 year olds, and 4 gummies for age 4+.

Omega-3 Fish Oil

In general Rhonda tries to use give her child the same fish oil she uses (N-PURE3). She does this by breaking open capsules into his food. Most of the time he’ll eat it, but occasionally he won’t (perhaps because it’s not well enough hidden). In these circumstances she’ll give him PureNutrients EPA/DHA gummies. These are lemon flavoured, zero sugar gummies that use xylitol as a sweetener. With xylitol being better for his teeth than other sweeteners (Rhonda talks more about the benefits of xylitol for teeth health here).

Vitamin D3

Rhonda mentioned in her Jan 2021 member’s Q&A that she considers the vitamin D content in the PureNutrients multivitamin adequate for her toddler, on top of the sunlight exposure he gets from them living in sunny San Diego.

Previously she had mentioned topping him up with Nordic Naturals D3 gummies (zero sugar). These are 1,000iu per dose. Despite it sounding like Rhonda doesn’t feel the need for them anymore, I’ll leave the mention up, as there may be other’s who live in regions with less sun.

Vitamin C

She gives her son a chewable form of vitamin C made by Swanson. They’re hard, so she breaks them up into fourths and gives them to him that way.

She notes that interestingly the literature on vitamin C supplementation and preventing common colds or even shortening the duration of common colds is much more robust in children, especially younger children.


Whilst this is a relatively brief post on the supplements Rhonda gives to her toddler, I’ll update it if we learn more.

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6 months ago

Could you please advise which other vitamins are recommended for a newborn baby, in addition to Vitamin D3 and vitamin K shot.

Reply to  John Alexander
6 months ago

Thank you!

8 months ago

My kids are ages 8&5. Is this info just for toddler ages?

8 months ago

Great article, thanks for pulling all this information together. I’m curious if you (or anyone else) knows whether she gave her infant/givers her toddler salmon roe too? It seems like some recommend it as a first semi-solid food around 7-8 months, but could imagine there might be some safety concerns around it being raw.

9 months ago

Thank you for condensing this information 🙂 I’ve searched online a few times to get Dr. Rhonda Patrick info on certain topics and found your posts extremely helpful. Thank you! Stay safe.