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Current State of Longevity Science in 2019

Since reading Aubrey de Grey’s book Ending Aging, and realizing that aging itself is a problem to be tackled. I’ve been thinking more about what one can do about aging. As a result I ended up going to Aubrey’s Undoing...

/ June 19, 2019

Taotronics BH22 vs BH040 vs BH060 – Differences Reviewed

In my previous review of sub $70 bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, the Taotronics BH22s came out on top. Since that review, Taotronics have released two more similarly prices headphones, the BH040s & BH060s. Below lets look at their differences… Feature...

/ July 24, 2018

Best Budget Noise Cancelling Headphones Review – Under $70 – All Bluetooth & Over Ear

There has to be a decent budget alternative Bose QC35 bluetooth headphones… right? Bose QC35s being (arguably) the best noise cancelling headphones on the market. Well… that’s how this post came into being. A few days ago my sister tried...

/ April 14, 2018