When Dana White was a 21 year old, living in Boston, he got jumped by guys from Charlestown, and got the shit beat out of him. In particular, his left ear sustained massive amounts of damage via punches, which led to permanent hearing loss in that ear.

Later in life, that ear damage turned into Meniere’s disease. If a bout of Meniere’s hit, Dana could find himself out of action for an entire day; dealing with dizziness and nausea. Hear the full story of how he got the problem here.

Dana had to put up with the symptoms of Menieres for many years before he was able to get treatment.

He even had an unsuccessful ear surgery in 2013 (link), where an LA clinic cut the nerve in his ear.

Dana White recovering after his unsuccessful surgery in 2013

Eventually he heard about an experimental treatment in Germany called Orthokine. Two sports stars, A-Rod of the Yankees, and Kobe Bryant both used it successfully to overcome chronic injuries. A-Rod actually called him up and encouraged him to try it.

Amazingly, the regenokine treatment worked, and Dana is now cured of the Meniere’s that had troubled him his whole life.

The brains behind the treatment is Dr Peter Wehling, who treats out of his clinic in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Dr Wehling has also licensed the treatment out to a clinic in New York called Schottenstein Pain & Neuro.

Dr Wehling in his office – image curtousy of New York Times article.

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