(This post is part of a longer post about Valter Longo’s fast mimicking diet. Also see this post for a breakdown of the FMD calories & macronutrients for each day, based off the below data)

Below is a list of the products contained within the Prolon FMD diet, including their total calories and macronutrient composition. The first image shows the distribution of each one across the 5 day:



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  1. What, specifically, do you eat/drink when you’re doing a FMD 5 day period?


    1. Alex

      Hi Tam. Just to clarify (so that I answer the right question). Are you asking what foods I eat when I do a 5 day FMD? And specifically, a DIY FMD, such that I’m not using the contents from the Prolon box?


  2. Thanks for your reply Alex. I use the published papers for the macronutrient mix so the protein will not exceed 9% on Day 1 to Day 5. Also for DIY FMD, I try to keep daily sugar intake below 30g. So far, it has typically been 7-10g for DIY FMD. Great info. you have on your website!


  3. Thanks, very useful information. But the calculated macro nutrients vary quite a bit from the published papers. Should we assume that the products’ nutrients mix are more precise for FMD?


    1. Alex

      Hi Jason, thanks for the message. Agree regarding the macro nutrients of the FMD box differing slightly from their published studies.

      That being said, I think the numbers are close enough for the information not to be conflicting.

      Yes, if you want to pick one to follow, it makes most sense to go with macros from the published studies.

      You’ll have probably read this already; but my summary was (copy and pasted):

      Whilst the calories/macronutrients differ slightly from the 2015 Cell Metabolism paper to the Prolon FMD box itself, there maintains an overall pattern.

      • Day 1 is always higher in nutritional value, at around 1,100 calories – with protein at 13% or lower.
      • Days 2-5 are always around 700 calories with protein kept below 15% of total nutrients.
      • Lastly, whilst the Prolon FMD diet has higher carbohydrate content than the Cell Metabolism paper used, it doesn’t go above 61% carbs.

      Keep those above key points in mind with your DIY FMD diet, and you won’t go far wrong.

      Perhaps key is to keep the protein content below 15%, that way you keep IGF-1 levels down; thought to be a core part of the fasting benefits.


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